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The Smell of Autumn

The best scents to rejuvenate your home and accompany you through the cozy Autumn evenings!

Perfect Fall Scents



Raw and sweet, floral and nostalgic. The comforting scent of Beeswax transports you to carefree summers in the countryside where the aromas of the earth and the wildflowers fill the air as the bright sunshine of the day blends into the purple hues of dusk.



Small isolated church, almost certainly family built, in honour of a saint.
Quiet, unmanned, typically the lone structure on top of a hill.
These ceramic pots are handmade in Crete by traditional craftsmen.
No two are the same.



A mysterious and intriguing scented candle. Let its sweet and spicy aroma to transport you through time from Ancient Athens to China and the Middle East. Commonly used as incense for centuries, Myrrh provides a unique, transcendental experience.



The Wild Fig scented candle is the quintessential smell of Greek summer! The sound of cicadas slowly lulls your senses as you indulge in the stillness of the late afternoon. The soft breeze carries the scent of ripe fig, sweet, fruity and irresistible.

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