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Since opening its doors in 2005 WAKS has been committed to creating candles that will add an effortless sense of luxury to daily life.

Inspired by the relationship of scent and memory our fragrances are individually chosen for their sensitive notes and unique characteristics creating a range of elegant and surprising scents. Our candles are made to the highest standards using only the best raw materials allowing for the perfect burn from first to last.

All WAKS products are made and designed in Greece by award winning designers briefed to our precise specifications. Embodying our core values of simplicity and elegance, our candles will seamlessly blend into your home from a quiet reading corner to a bustling garden terrace.

The light of a candle is one of the most atmospheric and comforting presences in any home. It can soothe or invigorate’ bring back old memories or create new ones; we hope your WAKS will do the same.

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