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Destination: Tinos!
The WAKS Tinos collection celebrates the art of marble sculpture, which characterizes Tinos island. Each piece is handcrafted by second-generation, traditional sculptors in Pirgos village using marble, locally sourced from the island. The village of Pirgos in Tinos is home to the most acclaimed Greek sculptors and has a tradition in marble sculpture since the 18th century.
The candles in the collection are housed in a handcrafted marble vessel and filled with our signature WAKS natural wax blend, infused with the herbal scent of Geranium that enhances your mood and elevates the atmosphere of any living space!
The collection features two candles: a 1-wick refillable candle in a marble case and a 3-wick candle, available with and without a marble lid which can be refilled exclusively through our boutique store in Golden Hall. The collection also features 4 beautiful marble bases. Pair them together with the Tinos candles or mix and match with different WAKS collections!

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